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NORRISEAL / DOVER Catalog Information on butterfly valves, diaphragm actuators & level controls.
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Overview of NORRIS butterfly valves (4 pages).

Norris series 200 butterfly valve with resilient (R) or metal/O-ring seats (M) - ANSI 125 class (12 pages).

NORRIS series 285 O-ring (M) or resilient (R) seated butterfly valves - ANSI 150 class - (12 pages).

NORRIS series 2G rack & pinion Diaphragm actuator (6 pages)

Norriseal Level Controls (16 pages)

NORRIS series 200 & 285 R & M Installation and Maintenance manual (12 pages)

American Bureau of Shipping manufacturers certification (2 pages)

American Bureau of Shipping design certification for Norris series 200 R & M (2 pages)

American Bureau of Shipping design certification for Norris series 285 R & M (2 pages)

American Bureau of Shipping design certification for Norris D200 damper style valves (2pages)

Norris Butterfly Valves
Premium performance valves. It's the lowest priced long-life butterfly valve with a pressure/temperature rating which meets ANSI B16.5 Code for Class 150 flanges.
Lowest priced because it is completely lined. The flow stream never touches the body. There is no need for a costly high-alloy body even in corrosive service. The removable elastomer seat is easily replaced on-site in minutes.
It gives you positive shutoff with Norris angle-disc design proven by 50 years of day-in, day-out service. Disc does not seat in shaft holes, assuring bubble-tight shutoff with no scrubbing or compression set in the shaft hole area. Resilient seats are made from high-density elastomers which are highly resistant to deterioration by flow media. Flange gaskets are not required
Separate replaceable body O-ring flange seals eliminate need for flange gaskets. Flange seals can be changed, if necessary, without dismantling the valve and replacing the seat. Often a damaged flanged seal needn't be replaced at all, but simply turned over and reinserted in the body face groove.

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